New Semester

Hello, everyone! I’m about to start my final semester here at CCS (boohoo), and so it is high time for me to share more about what I’ve been doing these past months. I’ve been working on my thesis, for which I have finally worked out a plan. Here is a poster I made at the end of November showcasing the project and to describe my inner machinations.


I’ll continue updating as I make progress on the stories, with some previews and tidbits to whet your appetites. I am mostly finished with my first story which was a murder mystery and am now working on the second which is a western. Yee-haw.

Oh, and if you want to see how I am coming up with these crazy stories check out my Chimps in Space: Random Story Generator. Just click on the “Chimps in Space” title or the stomping chimp to see the secret recipe for delicious comics. I have some ideas for how the third and fourth installments will go, but I will let chaos have its way with me. Stay tuned, folks. There is more to come!

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