New Site Redesign!

Tonight I was really proud of myself for baking a pumpkin pie for tomorrow’s feast, and then I read a tweet from my fave music man John Darnielle from The Mountain Goats

@mountain_goats:┬áIf your pie recipe includes the words “pour into pie crust” but doesn’t also include a recipe for piecrust, you are a horrible monster


On to relevant things! I just pushed live my redesign to my website. Please visit it and let me know what you think. DO IT.

Also, check out the store! It has moved completely to the updated site and is no longer on this blog.

“Where’s the new comics?!” you may be thinking. Well, I baked them into my pre-made frozen pie crust along with my soul. Long story short, you’ll get your comics after I’ve processed them in my gut.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!



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2 thoughts on “New Site Redesign!

  1. i’m about to bake a pumpkin pie for tonight, and even though i’m making my own graham cracker crust because i have the ingredients, i don’t think John Darnielle will count that as real crust and i am still a horrible monster.

    i am proud of you!

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