Updated Blog Design and MICE

The school year started up almost a month ago now, and I’ve been pretty busy trying to get pages finished for the upcoming deadline. I’ll be more diligent about putting up regular posts so you guys don’t think that I’ve shunned the world in my pursuit of comics education.

First, I updated the design of the blog! Hooray, I was really putting this off, and the blog in its previous state was really out of sync with the rest of my work. Hope you like it.

Second! I just came back from MICE this weekend in Boston, and it was a really great time. It was a great crowd and I met some awesome people. Not to mention tabling with some really sweet cartoonists as well… (Melanie Gillman, Adrienne Nunez, Rio Aubry Taylor).

Okay! So I am gearing up for my thesis this year, and while much of it remains a mystery, I do see CHIMPS IN SPACE in my near future. Here’s a watercolor sketch I did over the weekend. More pages to come… Toodle-oo!

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