AVAST! Improv, Portfolio, and Games!

Welcome, all! We’ve got a jam packed blog post right here folks (I really just need to be updating more frequently).

First, I think that we will be able to print out copies of our Golden Age comic AVAST! for the cheaply. So, hooray! But in the meantime, here’s a downloadable PDF and sorry you had to wait so long to read it.

Second, recently, my classmate Dakota and his wife Laura put on an Improv Workshop for some people here at CCS. I went to it, never having done improv or performed in front of others previously, and it was a blast! It is a great way just to loosen up, be spontaneous, have fun with friends, and at the same time improve things like storytelling and being organic when it comes to making comics. I had a hard time when it came to the monologues, mostly because I don’t usually like to talk about myself (unless of course I am blogging or making comics), even when it isn’t real. I must have a hangup about this somewhere in my psyche. But regardless, I can’t stop thinking about Improv! You can do it anywhere! So anyway, I was swimming and thought, alright, what kind of situation could be happening here… and then I made this. (By the way, this coloring business adds like ten times more work to the comic process. I almost don’t want to even bother with it ever again).

Okay! So I saved the best for last, as always… I have been dabbling in webdesign and decided to put up an online portfolio that I can quickly direct people to who are interested in my work and maybe want to hire me (here’s hoping…). This is why I didn’t leave my apartment for three days.

Oh, and here’s a picture of Bill, Sarah, Jan, and I this past Sunday, playing the latest version of Jason’s game Thrilling Tales of Adventure! It takes place in 1929, you are a Pulp action hero who goes on adventures, and you eventually team up to stop the Archvillain from taking over the world. This is the first time I played it and we didn’t even finish, but seriously spending five hours as DOKTOR RADIUM: Brilliant Scientist, what could be better?

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