Guys, I think romance comics are having a comeback! I made this cover for the Drawing Workshop class  where we were assigned romance covers from different time periods to emulate or parody. My time period was 1972-1977, which is around the time the genre fizzled out, but it’s also the … Continue reading

Dell Comic

Hi guys, I’m in the middle of a huge crunch before the end of the semester to put together a final comic for a thing we cartoonists call “anthology.” So naturally, I am updating the blog. An “anthology” is  a collection of comics by several toonies usually based around a … Continue reading


In comics speak, emanata is the term used to describe the marks on a page that represent an emotion or feeling or whatever abstract thing (not words). If you want to see a master of conveying ideas or feelings with his body language and emanata use, check out Osamu Tezuka’s … Continue reading