The Dog Days are Over

Whatever that means!

Since I last updated, I’ve moved back across the country to my homeland in the West. Oh, Pleasanton, please take me back. I’m sorry I ever left you. It was very sad to leave White River Junction back in August, but I know it’s not good-bye, because there is no good-bye, Juncy White River. I learned that little gem from this man, and now I pass it onto you my friends.

I’m currently working on freelance design, coloring Chimps in Space, drawing the next Solstice Submarine issue and finishing up a graphic novel project I started back in May with a group of awesome people from CCS that I can’t really talk about ’til we’re done. You know how that is.

Anyway, if you haven’t checked out Chimps in Space in color, you need to go to which I’m updating every week with a new page from this thrilling saga. Volume 1 is almost completely posted (there’s one more week to go!) and then I’m going to start posting Volume 2.

I’ve also recently put up a new site online to showcase my graphic and web design portfolio. Have a look here, and tell me what you think. I’m also currently open to new clients so if you are severely lacking in a beautiful website or a new logo to your awesome business (or have friends and family who do) contact me and spread the word.

The Blog Blays are Over! (Can you tell that I can’t stop listening to Florence + The Machine)?


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Animated GIFs are my Racket

I forgot that it takes five hours to propagate a new web domain, so here I am! Back to the good old blog… And my good old readers!

Did I mention that I graduated from CCS with my MFA, already? (holding for applause… waiting for it… eh, forget it) Somehow my life is still getting away from me and I’m struggling to keep up with it. Chris was smart enough to video the graduation ceremony, so if you missed it, here it is. It is totally worth the 40 min!  The diploma is so cool, guys. I wish you all could have one. But you’d have to go through this program and stuff, so yeah… But you can still look at it! Pretty… (drawn by Eleanor Davis, photo on the CCS Flickr).

I went to MeCAF the week after graduation, and it was a really great experience. I loved talking to everyone who came by and I even sold a bunch of copies of my story about chimps getting murdered to little kids! And a cool guy named Randy Michaels picked up a copy as well and mentioned me in his blog recently!

So, one of the things I’ve been REALLY into lately is animated gifs. Animated gifs and 8-bit pixel art. My friend Luke asked me to make a banner for his source servers describing it as “old school in a console or like Nethack.” So for those of you unfamiliar with what games were like before graphical user interfaces… A month later (I procrastinated), I stayed up two nights in a row to make this:

Also, I’ve been turning video of my CCS basketball team into adorable sports-action animated gifs. I’m actually kinda too busy to be doing this, so it’ll take me a while to get one done for everybody. But, to whet your appetite for sports, here’s superstar Keny!

Alright, enough fun and games. I redesigned the store adding ALL THREE VOLUMES of Chimps in Space. Read at your own risk!

Also I redesigned the overall gallery. What! No way! Oh yeah, check it out. I have so many supportive voices in my head, you guys. I forgot that I love blogging… Thanks for loving me back!

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I’m back from MoCCA and am finally winding down from these busy last couple of weeks. I’ve got a couple of projects on my plate, but for now I wanted to share with you all some of the anthologies I’ve been part of. First, hot off the presses is CCS’s free 36-page newstrip anthology called the Cartoon Crier which debuted over the weekend at MoCCA. It was edited by Cole Closser, R. Sikoryak (who was also my thesis advisor!), and James Sturm. It’s gotten really great reviews see here. Here’s a panel from my strip on the cover and colored by Cole.

(I drew the chimp. Duh).

And since it’s a free paper and we’re living in the future, you can download and read the entire thing online at the CCS site! Check it out, it’s sure to bring tears to your tired eyes.

You all probably know by now that I’m enamored by Ernie Bushmiller’s Nancy and just can’t frackin’ stop drawing chimps so I combined the two things in a mash-up a la R. Sikoryak and here it is!

Oh, and the anthology I was in over the summer Lies Grown-Ups Told Me edited by Nomi Kane, Caitlin McGurk, and Jen Vaughn won an award over the weekend at Stumptown comics festival for best anthology! I’m not sure where you can buy it, but if you email me I can surely get one to you. That goes for the Cartoon Crier too!

Wow, there is so much linking involved in blogging. It is exhausting. Good night!

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End of Semester

Whoops, how did that happen!

But, here without delay, I wish to present to you the fruits of my labor, The Chimps in Space Collection.

And contained inside this little package, three, no, four, count ’em FOUR books of honest to Betsy chimpanzee action:

Yessir. That’s three books of adventure and one book of bonus material that I’ll be presenting to the thesis committee in the next few days.

These are bonafide full-color covers with delicious black and white interiors. Over 48 pages of mayhem and misdeeds.

Oh, and that’s not all. This weekend I’ll be going to MoCCA fest in NYC to table with my cartooning buddies Bill Bedard, Melanie Gillman, and Amelia Onorato. Come on over to table E18. It’s right next to E17! You can’t miss it. Just stick your fingers out and feel around for spaceships and bananas. I’ll be selling each book for $5 or all three for a special debut collection price of $10!

I know what you’re thinking. And yes, the answer is always yes.

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New Semester

Hello, everyone! I’m about to start my final semester here at CCS (boohoo), and so it is high time for me to share more about what I’ve been doing these past months. I’ve been working on my thesis, for which I have finally worked out a plan. Here is a poster I made at the end of November showcasing the project and to describe my inner machinations.


I’ll continue updating as I make progress on the stories, with some previews and tidbits to whet your appetites. I am mostly finished with my first story which was a murder mystery and am now working on the second which is a western. Yee-haw.

Oh, and if you want to see how I am coming up with these crazy stories check out my Chimps in Space: Random Story Generator. Just click on the “Chimps in Space” title or the stomping chimp to see the secret recipe for delicious comics. I have some ideas for how the third and fourth installments will go, but I will let chaos have its way with me. Stay tuned, folks. There is more to come!

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New Site Redesign!

Tonight I was really proud of myself for baking a pumpkin pie for tomorrow’s feast, and then I read a tweet from my fave music man John Darnielle from The Mountain Goats

@mountain_goats: If your pie recipe includes the words “pour into pie crust” but doesn’t also include a recipe for piecrust, you are a horrible monster


On to relevant things! I just pushed live my redesign to my website. Please visit it and let me know what you think. DO IT.

Also, check out the store! It has moved completely to the updated site and is no longer on this blog.

“Where’s the new comics?!” you may be thinking. Well, I baked them into my pre-made frozen pie crust along with my soul. Long story short, you’ll get your comics after I’ve processed them in my gut.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!



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Updated Blog Design and MICE

The school year started up almost a month ago now, and I’ve been pretty busy trying to get pages finished for the upcoming deadline. I’ll be more diligent about putting up regular posts so you guys don’t think that I’ve shunned the world in my pursuit of comics education.

First, I updated the design of the blog! Hooray, I was really putting this off, and the blog in its previous state was really out of sync with the rest of my work. Hope you like it.

Second! I just came back from MICE this weekend in Boston, and it was a really great time. It was a great crowd and I met some awesome people. Not to mention tabling with some really sweet cartoonists as well… (Melanie Gillman, Adrienne Nunez, Rio Aubry Taylor).

Okay! So I am gearing up for my thesis this year, and while much of it remains a mystery, I do see CHIMPS IN SPACE in my near future. Here’s a watercolor sketch I did over the weekend. More pages to come… Toodle-oo!

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Mo’ Dice, Mo’ Problems

Hey guys, I’m still trying to make little diary strips when I can. It’s hard these days, feeling a lack of structure or direction. Summer is going by much more quickly than I could have realized, and I must remember to make the most of it. Also who wants to play games with me, raise your hands?!

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Hold Me Closer, Tiny Comics

Yes, I am currently listening to Elton John, and it is pumping me up!

If I write something here will you read it? Or will you skip right to the drawings? I’ve been living in San Francisco for about two weeks now. I started an internship at Viz Media, which is right near Fisherman’s Wharf, and I’m having a really good time there. I’m part of the online team, and I’ve been spending a lot of time doing image production for the tiny pictures that go on the website. I make the digital images of the covers of the graphic novels that get released each month. It’s a little tedious, but sometimes I get to make animated gifs! Did you know when you look at a website that somebody made every little picture on there? I want you to think of me next time you browse the web and see those tiny rectangles, and exclaim, Donna was doing that…! I also get to read all the manga I want! I will say now, that having read some Ranma 1/2 (about ten years too late) that I now understand where the Scott Pilgrim comics were coming from. I’m currently reading Miyazaki’s Nausicaa: Of the Valley of the Wind and it is truly beautiful, one of the greatest comics I’ve read. Okay, enough about my boring life! Read some comics about poop!

Shop Talk

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